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another not so good day... [15 Jan 2008|09:36pm]
blueberry bagel w. butter and honey

coffee w. half n half and splenda

med. apple

1/2 serving of kimchee bokum bob with no ham

1 tall starbucks hot cocoa

1 cup whole wheat penne w. 1/2 yellow pepper, spinach, tomato sauce( canned tomatoes, tomato paste, 1/2 tbsp olive oil, onion, garlic)

1 honey brown beer
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had better days... [14 Jan 2008|11:55pm]
blueberry bagel w/ 1tsp "butter" and 1 tsp honey

coffee w/ 1 tsp fat free half n half and 2 splendas


1 slice starbucks pumpkin loaf

coffee w/ half n half and 2 splendas

"naked burrito" - brown rice, pinto beans, lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato, onion, pepper, cilantro, salsa, guacamole

1 beer

1 slice pepper jack cheese

100 calorie bag of popcorn


i did go to the gym though.burned 250 calories. that counts for something, eh?
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[13 Jan 2008|05:07pm]
blueberry bagel w/ 1 tsp i can't believe it's not butter and 1 tsp honey - 8 pts

8oz. pomegranate juice - 3 pts

2 slices pepperjack cheese - 4 pts

1 med. apple - 2 pts

2 tofu cutlets w/ 1 tbsp flour, cooked with PAM fat free canola spray - 6 pts

1/4 cup quinoa - 3 pts

steamed broccoli - 0 pts

rooibos tea with a splash of FF half and half and splenda - 0 pts

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back in the buffbuff [12 Jan 2008|02:24pm]
everything bagel with cream cheese, onion, tomato and lox - 9pts?

coffee w/ 2 sweet n lows and half n half- 2pts

green apple - 1 pts

lentil sandwich -6 pts?

coffee w/ 2 sweet n lows and half n half - 2 pts

blueberry bagel w/ butter and honey-8pts

coffee w/ 2 sweet n lows and half n half -2 pts

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new year, new journal [11 Jan 2008|04:29pm]
[ mood | determined ]

1 can of Italian Wedding Soup- 4 pts
1 lite whole wheat english muffin w/2 tbsp salsa and 2tbsp shredded cheddar- 4 pts

1 cup coffee with 2tsp half and half and 2 sweet n lows- 2 pts

1 small green salad w/ ginger dressing 
1 Phoenix roll
1 spicy salmon roll = about 6-8pts according to the book

1/2 cup edamame - 2pts
1 scoop green tea ice cream - 4 pts

1 vitamin water -3pts
1 cup coffee with half n half and 2 splendas- 2pts

28/28 pts 

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